Prose and Such

Rose are red Violets purple Whenever I drink The world gets all gurple My eyes start to flipple My ears try to flapple My nose squeaks and zingles Tongues twists like twizzles


So many tweets
So little time
If only I could concentrate
And make this thing rhyme!

Roses are red
Violets blue
Enjoy the moments
Life has given you

Don't be cranky
Don't be sad
Don't waste your time
Thinking of the bad



Be happy for now.
Enjoy a deep breath.
Listen to nothing, just for a moment.
Remember a friend.
Say 'Hello' to a neighbor.
Be happy for now.

Am I Dreaming?

The more I dream
The more I write

Of burning days
And shattered nights

Are dreams more real
Than stressful life?


Life is like a Bumbler Bee
It flits from bush to bush
And if one isn't careful, well
It will bite you on the tush!


To 'tweet' is sweet
Friends to meet
The message fleet
I think it's neat
Now to repeat....

I Think

I think that I shall never see
A poem as lovely as a flea
It hops, it pops, it jumps along
Humming a silly, carefree song.