Friday, March 16, 2018


I'm in the surgical waiting room, waiting for my wife to return from a minor surgery.

Outside the corner windows three flags wave slowly in the Texas wind. The oaks and the willows in the courtyard below are just sprouting their first spring buds.

Bright sunlight reflects off the pale painted roof and bricks, filling the wide room with softness and quiet.

We're at 'that age', where these things start to happen more often. I had heart surgery last year. Debbie's gall bladder decided to kick out a few stones. We both need to exercise more and eat better. Our bodies no longer adapt to our bad habits.

But it's OK. We're together. We have wonderful children and grandchildren. We love each other and like each other. We have our lives away from each other and with each other.

We make plans to travel and enjoy our time together.

The reality is for all the bad stuff that has happened and that will happen, we have each other and we can help each other through those times.

There are far more good times to enjoy and we'll help each other enjoy those as well.

Stop for a moment and be still, my friends. Take a slow breath. Focus on nothing. Be a child again for just a few moments. Life.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

It's show time...

The third bay ahead has “3-10” glowing in dull red letters above the yawning mouth of the hold. 
There is a B’Rovian fighter, squat and bristling with armament inside. The access ramp is down, crewmen hustling up and down.

Just to the left of the bay entrance there is a group scummy looking crewmen lounging at a bar. A bar in a launching bay. OK, being a scumbag does have some pretty cool perks. There’s a Snish in the center of the group.

“Arlo, that’s it. I think that’s our Captain at the bar. Let’s get the ball rolling here. We need to go into master/slave mode again.”

“Roger that, BunZilla. Stay behind me and keep quiet.” Arlo puts up a hand and says, “I apologize now for anything nasty I may have to do to keep our cover, Jake.” He starts out without waiting for me.

I start after Arlo and yell, “Wait. What nasty thing?” Oh crap. A jolt of white lightening plays up and down my spine.

Our boys have finally found the mercenary ship and crew they were send to infiltrate.

Now what?

Stay tuned, adventure fans. Let's see if our heroes can manage to not screw things up again!

Monday, February 19, 2018

A bartender with a patch over one eye. No way...

Arlo leans back a bit, caught off guard by the news. “If he had a good squad of fighters and was kicking FTG booty, why the sudden hatred for the two? Did he skim the profits or something?”

Cyclops looks inside the mug, sticks a thick, scummy finger down to the bottom and wiggles it around. When he draws it out there’s a squirming goobie fighting to get away. One Eye pops the hapless creature in his maw, back end first. The goobie’s eyes pop out even further as he disappears bit by bit into the drooling mouth. A final ‘scrunch’ and he’s gone. Cyclops sticks his thick black mucus covered tongue out, pieces of goobie parts still attached and then draws it back in slowly, sheer pleasure on his face. Then he frowns.

“Worse. He was weak. His orders was to just damage the convoy ships, not blast ‘em to pieces. He just wanted to kick the FTG in the balls. They wasn’t even supposed to take slaves. G’radian is a wuss and he showed it, over and over again.” Cyclops spits a few eyeballs on the floor and curses. At least I think it's a curse, hard to say. “All those FTG maggots just sittin’ there, ripe for the pickings. G’radian just let them go. It’s stupid and it has finally caught up to him.”
Our heroes have finally hit pay dirt! This cutthroat's bar has a Grochna barkeep with a taste for goobies and a grudge against G'radian.

We finally learn where our target has gone and why. But it seems there is more, and less, to G'radian and his son, Bolton, than FTG intel thinks. 

Things are starting to go sideways. AGAIN!

Now what do they do???

Time is running out fast...

Sunday, February 11, 2018

I love this bar... (apologises to Toby Keith)

A quick scan of the room tells me this establishment is pretty much like all the other holes we’ve been in. At the back of the room is a mind-altering-liquids dispensary with a huge Grockna behind the round bar. Holy crap, the barkeep has a crusty patch over one eye. You’ve got to be kidding. What is this, a pirate watering hole?

Looking around, I may have been closer to mark than I thought. Some of the ‘clientele’ here look like they just stepped out of an Errol Flynn movie set. On second thought, who’s to say that some of these characters haven’t visited Hollywood in the past? Just sayin’.

I shoulder my fat bunny body past equally intimidating creatures who barely acknowledge me. I get a few grunts and then a squeaky “puTTo!” when I step on a squids tentacles. I have no idea what that meant but don’t stop to exchange pleasantries.

Arlo and Jake have just entered the umpteenth water-hole, trying to find G'radian or one of his cohorts so they can infiltrate the thieves guild before the next ambush. Nothing seems to be going our heroes way today. So what's new.

Another great day at the storyboard, friends. Still pretty raw, but the plot thickens.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Be Cool

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Arlo and Jake are undercover and knee deep in the goo of Sewer City, an orbiting Space Trading Post in a far flung armpit of the Galaxy. They just entered one of the bars frequented by the scum-of-the-universe. The bar is hidden deep in bowels of the huge nightmarish collection of cast off freighters, cargo hulls and miscellaneous scrap.

They have to find G'radian, a villainous cad (technical term for 'scum bag') who has a score to settle with the FTG. If they don't find him quickly, another FTG supply convoy is going to be blasted into star dust.

This adventure is a big ol' bag of hoot, my friends. Lots of great new characters, species and a lot more 'tension'. The more I challenge my story the better it gets. My characters are stepping up and taking the stage away from me. And it's great!

My heroes are waiting for me open the door to the bar and let them get on with it. See you later, everyone.

Be Cool.